Rasta glasses with beard

Item #: 8801916

Rasta glasses with beard

Jamaica's mustache has dreadlocks

Legalize my Moustache: The funny Rasta dark glasses with a beard is the easiest way to enter the global Moustache-trend and to give preference expressed his reggae.At the glasses depends a fat mustache, who looks as if he had been shot in dreadlocks.The joke glasses looks funny banned, but as Peter Tosh already said, legalize it, do not criticize it!

The Rasta glasses with beard is dyed in the reggae colors, red-yellow-green, the glasses are tinted dark.The glasses have two little chains attached to a drawn down dreadlock mustache made of shiny black plastic.On the sides of the bracket a little Moustache metal logo attached.Other Accessories for Carnival Rastafarians and hobby Jamaicans are the Jamaica Hat with Dreadlocks That Caribbean Pirate Wig and the Mega-joke-joint .

  • Material : Plastic, metal
  • Color Black, Red, Yellow, Green