Spy Glasses with Mirror Effect

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Spy Glasses with Mirror Effect

Secretely keep an eye on what and who is behind you!

A spy is a trained finder of secrets. A secret agent goes wherever he hopes to obtain the information he needs. The only enemy a spy has is a counterspy. A spy is able to obtain any information, anywhere and under andy circumstances. With these cool Spy Glasses you can turn yourself into a undercover agent and see who approaches you from behind.

The Spy glasses are like mirrored shades you can use to look behind you. From the outside the plastic espionage glasses look absolutely normal, but on the inside of the lenses you find two inconspicuous mirrors that help you to dsiscover people who try to sneak up on you from behind. On the outside, the plastic lenses are bluish. Turn yourself into an FBI undercover agent with these cool Spy Glasses with Mirror Effect!

  • Includes: Spy Glasses with Mirror Effect
  • Size: one size adult
  • Caution: this item is only suitable for adults! Not suitable for children under the age of 3!