Long Skeleton Gloves Bone Coloured

Item #: 19100

Long Skeleton Gloves Bone Coloured

Creepy skeleton hands are the perfect accessory for Grim Reaper or skeleton costumes on Halloween.

There are countless types of skeleton costumes. Like no other fancy dress outfit they symbolize the world of shadows and spirits. So if you are planning on turning yourself into a  spooky skeleton for Halloween, don't forget that creepy bone hands will add the finishing touch to your costume!

The Long Skeleton Gloves Bone Coloured are made of soft high-quality latex. They are made with lots of attention to detail. The hands look like real bone hands, the forearms are black with two crossed bones on the top side. Add our Zombie Skeleton Costume XL and the Ghost Sense Economy to these cool skeleton gloves and your spooky Grim Reaper look will be complete!

Size: one size

Material: high quality latex