Predator Gloves Small

Item #: 18558

Predator Latex Gloves

Aliens Kampfmaschiene with cool armor gloves

The alien Predator is for young and old a popular Halloween costume, especially since the remake and the crossover Alien vs.Predator.The Predator Gloves Small are perfect if you want to go as a Predator on a costume party.Is matched by many other products such as the Predator license Predator Mask Deluxe 2010 or Predator Mask Small

The Predator Gloves Small are made of latex, have a good fit and are in contrast to the regular Predator gloves also suitable for small hands.More sci-fi costumes and film coverings, check also here at the Horror Shop, because we you costume for every occasion.This Predator Gloves Small are particularly well suited for Alien Parties, aliens themed events and sci-fi conventions, where ye just like in Alien vs.war on Predator can.

Product Information:

  • Size: One Size
  • Total length: approx33 cm
  • Material: Latex