Carnival Commitee Hat Red/Silver

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Carnival Commitee Hat Red/Silver

The traditional hat of the German Carnival Committee

Even if Carnival mainly means wild partying it has its established rules and traditions. To make sure that these rules and traditions are fulfilled there is a Carnival Committee responsible for the planning and organising of Carnival parades and stage shows. With this red and silver Committee Hat you can turn yourself into a Carnival dignitary.

The red and silver Committee Hat features silver trims and patterns and small bells. With this cap you can become a proud member of the Carnival Committee. The Carnival Prince Hat Blue/White is the perfect headweraar for future Carnival Princes and the Deluxe Guard hat green / white is our Carnival cap for women.

  • Includes: one Carnival Commitee Hat
  • Colour: red/silver
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Inside circumference: approx. 59 cm