Deluxe Guard hat green / white

Item #: 8801551

Deluxe Guard hat green / white

The Funkemariechen is the pride of the carnival

Carnival is known for many the fifthSeason.When foolish goings let some really out to sow.But what is a move without Mariechen? It would be only half as nice.The Guard hat green / white, you want to give the first step to real Funkemariechen.

The Deluxe Guard hat green / white is all over with soft feathers Decorated carnival hat in the typical three-pointed shape.Ornate is the Tanzmariechen hat with soft green / white feathers and a golden braid.The beautiful Garde tricorn adapts to any shape and does not fall so you dancing from the head.With the Tanzmariechen Costume green has your outfit complete.

  • Delivery: Guard hat green / white
  • Material: felt
  • Size: approximately30cm
  • Color: green white