Soldiers Helmet Latex

Item #: 17917

Soldiers Helmet Latex

On the double march !!! From the 72 hours Survival Training.And all the soldiers helmet.

To a perfect disguise to have a uniformed soldier helmet Latex is essential.With the carnival headgear you have the perfect costume accessory for your Carnival disguise ,

The gray soldiers Helmet Latex is the perfect complement to Soldier`s uniform gray Gr.S With which you become the authentic soldiers.The soldiers helmet latex Proll wig wool brown and the Rapper gold necklace and bracelet you can also as a true rocker and biker occur.Laid soldiers helmet is versatile and a big hit for every carnival party and Halloween event.Also for the theater of the little soldiers Helmet Latex is ideal.The military helmet is made of latex and therefore very light and fits every head on.It is mounted soldiers helmet latex serving as chin strap with velcro and with which a perfect fit is guaranteed.