25/50 shot strip ammunition

Item #: 18530

25/50 shot strip ammunition

Ammunition for games and stuff Decoration Weapons

Strip ammunition suitable for toy guns with 25 or50 shot.A total of 200 rounds of ammunition.Your toy gun or rifle might need exactly this strip ammunition that is loaded in 50 or 25 rounds in the magazine.

The strip ammunition for secret agents, policemen and gangsters is processed in four double streak to 50 shots.The but you can halve if your weapon only takes individual strips.If this does not fit here, then maybe help 13 shot automatic ammunition For turret you need more 36 ammunition rings a 8 shot or 24 ammunition rings a 12 shot ,

Scope of supply: 25/50 shot strip ammunition
  • Content: 4 strips a 25/50 Streifenmuition 200 shot
Warning: for the use of toy weapons.Not suitable for children under 3 years, contains small parts that could be swallowed, it may cause suffocation.Shoot in rooms and not in the eyes and ears close.,