Skull Warrior Sword Toy Weapon

Item #: 18832

Skull Warrior Sword Toy Weapon

The toy weapon Skull Warrior Sword is the perfect costume accessory for big and small heros. No matter if you play a good guy or a bad one.

A sword is a must have a ccessory for any knight or hero. But unfortunately the warlords from the dark side fight with the same demonic toy sword.

This toy weapon has a 45,5 cm long blade and a 25,5 cm long grip. This plastic sword for children features a skull at the bottom of the hilt which forms the base of the grip. The pommel is a red ball held by a claw. Have a look at more carnival swords like the Katana Samurai Value and the Oriental sword in our selection of toy weapons.

Total length: 71 cm
Material: plastic