Skullhead Bat

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Skullhead Bat

Pirates usually have a whole arsenal of weapons

Fancy Caribbean pirate weapon for nasty pirates to conquer the treasure island or the heart of a pirate breed. The Skullhead Bat is a great costume accessory and helps make your pirate costume look even more realistic. Pirates of the Caribbean possess weapons of all kinds, a very special and unusual is the Totenkopf Hiewaffe.

The approx. 53 cm long skull head bat weapon is a toy weapon desen handle a small skull. The skull at the end of the blade is larger and the scaly blade protrudes from the nose. A frightening weapon. In addition many costumes and accessiores such as, B. Pirate wall decoration . 3D Zombie Pirate Child Costume. L . Brave Pirate Captain Child Costume and Apocalyptic Pirate Costume M

  • Scope of supply: 1 x Skullhead bat weapon as a toy weapon
  • Size about. 53 cm
  • Material: plastic