Alien Glasses Black

Item #: 20265

Alien Glasses Black

With the eyes of an alien!

With these black alien specs you get the chance to see life with the eyes of an extraterrestrial! The alien eye fun glasses are well known from classic sci-fi movies like  Alien Apocalypse, Alien Factor, Alienator, Alien Terror or Alien Shock.

The Alien Glasses Black look like trendy and extravagant sunglasses. The dark lenses cover the eyes and part of the temples. Alien Glasses are a funny eye-catcher for carnival or Halloween parties or nights at the disco. The alien glasses are a joke item and offer no UV protection so do not look into direct sunlight! In our shop you'll find a great selection of extraordinary party specs such as the Christmas Tree Glasses or the Bat Woman Sunglasses Red Glass!

  • Fun specs black
  • No sunglasses
  • No UV protection
  • Joke item