Bee Accessory Set

Item #: 8800441

Bee Accessory Set

The sweet pollinators make the world go round!

We all know about flowers and bees.... Turn yourself into a sweet honey bee on carnival and start pollinating!

The Bee Accessory Set includes a hairband with head boppers and a pair of wings that will help you to turn yourself into a bee in the blink of an eye. The bee set makes for a cool carnival costume and a great theme party or stag night outfit! The black hairband features two antennae head boppers which can be bent a little. The wings are covered with gold glitter. They are attached to what looks like the bee's abdomen. The wings come with two elasticated straps already fitted for convenience. So the wings can be put on your shoulders like a rucksack. This way they are comfortable to wear and look as if they were reeally attached to your back.
You can match the Bee Accessory Set with a simple pair of black trousers or leggings and a t-shirt. If you are more into the sexy bee version, wear a black minidress and all male flowers will be at your feet!

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The Bee Accessory Set includes: hairband with head boppers, wings