Bright Pumpkin Ring

Item #: 19956

Bright Pumpkin Ring

Luminous LED pumpkin as Halloween jewelry and costume accessories

For Halloween, pumpkins are carved out and nimble faces are reeded. These works of art are then placed on the wall in the front of the house and provided with a tealight. This is to keep the evil spirits away from the house. To protect yourself from evil spirits, you can now wear a glowing pumpkin on your finger!

The ring is a great idea to attract attention! On the white plastic ring is an orange pumpkin with 2 mini screws fixed. The eyes of the pumpkin are transparent, because they glow orange when you turn them on. Overall, with a rest of the head, the pumpkin A size of about 4.5 cm. On the ring is a small, almost invisible on and off switch, with which one's eyes can light up. The small orange lamp is inside the ring. Pressing the button flickers approx. 25 seconds the orange light. Despite the big pumpkin on the ring, it is relatively light because the ring is made entirely of plastic.
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Information about the luminous pumpkin ring:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size of the pumpkin: approx. 4.5 cm
  • Ring size not adjustable, diameter approx. 18 mm
  • Small orange lamp inside pumpkin
  • approximately 25 seconds long flickering orange eyes