Cheerleader Pom Pon Black

Item #: 8800448

Cheerleader Pom-Pon Black

The perfect accessory for hot dance shows!

The Cheerleader Pom Pon Black is a great accessory for the next theme party. When you dance, the black threats will rhythmically move with your moves and create a great show effct.

The Cheerleader Pom Pons areavailable in different colours and sizes. This pompom is black and has a total length of approx. 29 cm. The threads are approx. 24 cm long. The black pom pom features a two-finger handle at its centre. This way the threads cover the handle when you hold it and it is not visible anymore. Even real cheerleaders use accessories like the Cheerleader Pom Pon Black to add the finishing touch to their outfits and to spur on their team.
Match the cool pom-pon with a Burlesque Hairline With Feathers and the Cheerleader Wig blond!

Includes: 1 pom-pon
Material: plastic