Genuine ostrich feather black

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Genuine ostrich feather black

How to pluck the bouquet of the feathers?

The ostrich is man, how often, equipped in the bird world with a magnificent plumage in order to impress one of the gray hens.If he succeeded, he takes over the care of the brood, while the better camouflaged Henne takes over foraging.On particularly hot days, the ostrich uses its feathers to shadow to donate the eggs.

The genuine black ostrich feather comes from the black part of the plumage of the male ostrich.It is nearly fifty inches long and wonderfully soft.With the spring costumes can be upgraded from the Middle Ages to the twenties of the last century, as the ostrich feather was regarded in Europe as a status symbol and was designed by men, but mainly used by ladies as Hutschmuck.Fits were there, for example, Noble Renaissance Costume Men hp , Renaissance Marquis Costume or later Womens Hat Charleston .The Straußenefedern is also available in other colors: Genuine ostrich feather red , Genuine Ostrich Feather Green , Genuine ostrich feather yellow and Genuine ostrich feather blue .

  • Material : Real feather
  • Color Black
  • Mass : Length about50 cm, width about20 cm