Halloween Glow Stick Skeleton

Item #: 17458

Halloween skeleton Leuchstab

Safety in the dark is the first well to Halloween bid

Pull On Halloween terrible figures like zombies, vampires, ghosts and werewolves through the streets, but the Halloween glow stick skeleton you bring light into the matter.Security is super important, especially in the dark.With this light stick the little Halloween in the dark noticeable and can be seen for the traffic.By Halloween Glow Stick Skeleton you get when trick or treat, trick or treating the game as it is called in this country, certainly through the night.

The skeleton Leuchtstab has several different settings, from the quick flicker in different colors, slow color change, continuously lit in pink and the flash in one of the three colors.The Halloween Leuchtstab skeleton is coated with a black film, the merry dancing skeletons appear lucid in what.The lightweight Polyfoam Leuchtstab is about 40 cm and 4 cm in diameter.More Halloween Decorations like Glow in the Dark Witch Stickers and the Mini pumpkin bucket you'll find the Horror Shop.batteries included

Material: Polyfoam