Marabou Feather Trim Red

Item #: 8800450

Marabou Feather Trim Red

Create new costume styles with this Marabou Feather Trim Red!

You want your outfit for the next fancy dress party to look extra special? With this red Marabou Feather Trim you can pep up last year's costume and create new styles!

Our feather trim is not just perfect to pimp costumes, you can attach it to bags, belts and other accessories and create your very personal style.   You will be surprised how easy it is!
The Marabou Feather Trim Red is approx. 1 m long and can be sewed, glued or tied onto all sorts of clothing and accessories. A little detail that can turn a boring old skirt into a unique new garment!
Pep up your old fancy dress outfits with more costume accessories such as the Harlequin Badge Var Colours and the Black Wings with Glitter!

Contains: 1 Marabou Feather Trim Red
Material: marabou feathers