Orange Pumpkin Ring

Item #: 19962

Orange Pumpkin Ring

Soft silicone ring with light effect

Anyone who thinks of Halloween also thinks of pumpkins, which were given their meaning by the Irish custom. According to the story, the drunkard Jack O. The devil, and when he died, he found neither a place in heaven nor in hell. The only thing he received from the devil was a glowing piece of coal in a hollowed-out turnip so that he could walk between heaven and hell in the darkness. And you can put this beet-lantern on your finger.

The orange finger ring is made of soft silicone and has a pumpkin as motif. Three LEDs inside the silicone are just below the pumpkin. The flashing effect is started by pressing the bottom of the pumpkin ring. The lightening effect is extinguished when the pressure is repeated. The LEDs are a one-way illumination, since they are firmly incorporated into the silicone and it is not possible to replace the battery. The Pumpkin Ring is a brightly conspicuous Halloween accessory, as well as the Luminous Skull Ring and the Mumia Ring Glowing ,

Product information:

  • Blinking silicone ring with pumpkin motif
  • Pumpkin ring is easily stretchable due to flexible silicone
  • Halloween ring with three flashing LED's
  • Color orange

Attention: one-way lighting, battery not interchangeable!