Peacock Feather

Item #: 8800350

Peacock Feather

The high-quality and colorful peacock feather has always been suitable for crafting, decorating and jewelery.

The beautiful peacock feather can be used both as a fashion accessory or as a look for an extravagant decoration. Peacock feathers are a special jewelery and have been used since ancient times to beautify man and home.

The special feature of the peacock feather is achieved by a fine crystal-like structure of the structure, which has a mesh-like structure. The light is reflected on water puddles similar to soap bubbles or oil stains. The elegant feather is green in color, the eye of the pheasant-like feather is in the typical blue to black shades and has a total length of approx. 70 to 85 cm long. More feathery accessories like plume . Feather Fan Red or Venetian Eye Mask Red

  • Scope of delivery: 1 piece,
  • Material: real peacock feather from approx. 80 to 98 cm