Rapper Chain With Medalion Pimp Daddy

Item #: 18012

Rapper Chain With Medalion Pimp Daddy

Fancy pimp necklace to be decorated as a pimp or gangsta

The gangster rap chain with a lot of bling bling is one of the most important status symbols of artists from the rapper scene and of wannabe gangsters from casting shows and docu soaps. With the rapper chain with Medalion Pimp Daddy, you are a mixture of pimp and Elton John. Regardless of whether you are doing a big troupe with Medalion Pimp Daddy, or with Dieter Bohlen, what you are doing with this gangster medalion, you are the king of the checkers in your neighborhood. Gangster rappers such as Sido, Puff Daddy, Flavor Flav are only the rappers, who with thick rapper gold chains and glittering stones give the wannabe status of a bitchy princess.

The heavy rapper chain with Medalion consists of a golden chain and a not to be overlooked Pimp Daddy sign with gold mountings and many silver glitter, which sparkles like diamonds. With the proligious rapper chain with Medalion, you can quickly dress up as a Megastar, porn star or pimp and let the champagne corks pop. Matching our Walking Stick with diamond Knauf and the Pimp Instant Set

  • Material: metal. Medalion approx. 12.5 cm x 14 cm