Steampunk Goggles Latex

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Steampunk Goggles Latex

The latex glasses looks cool

Steampunk called a fictional past in which steam power and clockwork technology already computers and other achievements of the present were invented.The latex glasses, in addition to Victorian ornaments a lot of gears and dials.Unfortunately you can not see through it, the spectacle is only a costume ornament.

The Steampunk latex goggles is made of brown latex, made to imitate the leather.On the one lens a number plate of a clock is to see the other glass has a silver honeycomb structure.For each of the glasses stands out for half a gear.Between the lenses you also Siehr gears and other technology.The glasses are not suitable for see through, but as an ornament for the Aviator Hat Retro Style Made of faux leather she is like made for it.The Steampunk Notebook and a Chain Steampunk Clock are more steaming hot steampunk accessories.

  • Scope of delivery : A Steampunk Goggles Latex
  • Material : Latex, Rubber
  • Color : Brown, Gold, Silver
Only costume accessory, NOT suitable for use as safety glasses! .