Wand Hermione Granger

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Wand Hermione Granger

Become a model student in the magic school Hogwarts!

This wand, Hermione makes you the right costume a hardworking student from Hogwarts magic.Hermione conjures for her life happy and helps her friends Harry and Ron with her magic knowledge often out of trouble.The plastic wand makes your life magical, like that of Hermione.The licensed products is a must have for all Harry Potter fans.

Hermione Granger's wand looks like real wood and has the structure of vines, because he, according to the story of Joanne K.Rowling was made from the wood of the vine.Its core is the heart of a dragon fiber, which gives it a lot of magic.Our Hermione's wand is held in a very light brown, almost beige, like the wood of the vine.Due to the fine structures of the plastic wand fits comfortably in your hand so you do not fighting hard against dark forces as Lord Voldemort.The handle is at the widest point about2 cm thick and therefore fits perfectly into your hand.Related to this article there are two best friends Hermione for the Wand Ron Weasley and Wand Harry Potter Which are also part of our "Harry Potter" licensed products.

List Contacts for Wand Hermione:

  • Licensed product of "Harry Potter"
  • Color: light brown-beige
  • Structure of vines
  • Length: ca.37 cm
  • Material: Plastic