Zombie leg handbag

Item #: 19406

Zombie leg handbag

Creepy Zombie handbag for the Zombie Walk

Ever since The Walking Dead Zombies are on everyone's lips.The unscrupulous, bloodthirsty undead have again boom if. On Halloween, Carnival, carnival or theme partiesThe Zombie handbag is an impressive accessory with your zombie costume comes with impressive clarity on the Zombie Walk and Halloween.

The Zombie Bag is made of latex and is in the form of a lower leg chopped off.Bloody vacancies adorn the creepy accessories and at the intersection you see the bones and bloody tissue.The leg itself is flesh-colored with partly bloodshot, bluish veins.There is a velcro, you can fill your through the horror bag with all the stuff that a genuine zombie equally needed on the inside of the zombie leg pocket.With a not too long all black belt you can also reassign the handbag.The Zombie Nurse SM and the Sinister zombie nun can be combined with the super horror regular accessory.This bloody accessories you get certainly with anyone trouble, because everyone wants his leg but rather keep.

Material: Latex; Size: foot length = approx 23cm; Leg length = approx 41cm; Leg width = approx 14cm

  • creepy handbag for zombie fans
  • impressive accessory for undead costumes