Harry Potter Robe with Magic Wand and Glasses

Item #: 15481

Harry Potter Robe with Magic Wand and Glasses

Slytherin's wand with the famous Harry Potter eyeglasses and robes for children

Who would have ever thought that would ever be the orphan Harry with the tousled hair from the small town of Little Whinging, Surrey one of the most important magicians of our time.In magic boarding school Hogwarts he has not only friends, but he always manages to pass the most difficult adventure.Harry Potter the most famous sorcerer in the world is one of the most popular characters of today's children-Kinowelt.Probably the most famous sorcerer is here practically the complete package to have!

The Harry Potter Costumes Robe with Magic Wand and the Harry Potter glasses is right merchandise for all die-hard Harry Potter fans and budding wizards.Of the Wand Harry Potter in timber design has a length of ca.36cm.The magic cloak, the US size 12-14 corresponds to about 152-170.