Pumpkin Witch Child Costume

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Pumpkin Witch Child Costume

Sweet Halloween costume for toddlers

This witch costume little magician come much more powerful.So can even the little ones transform into powerful mages and wreak havoc on the Blocksberg.

The 2-piece pumpkin costume for little sorcerer consists of a Cape and the Witch.The Cape is the inside and on the collar of orangfarbenem and outside sewn from black cloth.Below the collar can be the cloak closed with a Velcro.The Pumpkin Witch Child Costume is manned at bottom hem and jagged on the front with very detailed embroidery.Law are embroidered a gourd, a worm and a mouse, to the left of a bat, and the words Trick or Treat attached.The left side of collar is decorated with a spider.The hat is black with an orange ribbon and completes the witch costume pefekt from.In order to transform the whole family in magical beings with our Storybook witch costume with Witch Hat S / M , our Magician Costume Blue M and our Grand Heritage Batman costume ,

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Delivery: two parts (dress, hat)
  • Size: 84-104 cm
  • Dimensions: Cloak: Length approx 41 cm, collar width ca.40 cm, Hat: ca.23cm, diameter ca.15 cm