Skull Demon Child Costume

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Skull demon child costume

What should You be for Halloween? Be brave, come face to face with death

If he comes, everybody pass away. He is only welcomed at costume parties. Who is he? The Grim Reaper of course. Maybe it’s a cliché, but our skull demon child costume with the matching mask is the best classical and frightening Halloween Outfit for kids

The skull demon child costumes includes a robe, a hood, a belt, a pair of gloves and a half mask. All costume pieces of the reaper costume were made of valuable, black fabrics. The robe of the skull demon child costume is floor-length with zigzag hem and long zigzag sleeves. The skeleton jaw half mask made of latex and the black hood turns Your costume into a scary skull demon outfit. All in all our reaper costume is the best dress for Halloween and trick or treating. Of course, if You will, You can complement Your skull demon child costume with horror accessories, like Ghost Sense Economy or a Skeleton Gloves Junior, which are available for low prices at

  • Includes: 1x Skull demon child costume
  • Includes: robe, hood, belt, gloves and skeleton half mask
  • Colour: Black, silver
  • Material: 100% polyester