Toddler Vampire Costume

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Toddler Vampire Costume

Real vampires start sucking blood at a very young age!

Dracula´s son would have loved this costume! Vampires can be found in scary stories and legends all over the world. We just can't help being fascinated by these creatures of the night. Even our kids love to dress up as little vampires and roam the night like Rudolph Sackville-Bagg. With this cool costume your little one can join your vampire clan for the next  Carnival or Halloween party.

This four-piece Toddler Vampire Costume turns your little rascal into a vampire count. The red top with black pattern looks like a waistcoat with white sleeves and features a Velcro closure. The black cape comes with a standing collar that matches the top. The white double-layer jabot features a golden fabric cross detail red plastic gem. The black trousers have an elasticated waistband for easy on and off. With this great Count Dracula costume, the  Blood Capsules Movie Quality and our  Black / White Make Up Set you can turn your kid into a real vampire.

  • Includes: trousers, top, jabot and cape
  • Material: 100% polyester

Size S M
Total length top approx. 27 cm approx. 30,5 cm
Shoulder width approx. 22 cm approx. 25 cm
 Sleeve length approx. 24 cm approx. 30 cm
Total length pants approx. 50 cm approx. 54 cm
 Pants width approx. 14 - 27 cm approx. 16 - 30 cm
Total length cape approx. 32 cm approx. 36 cm
Cape width approx. 70 cm approx. 78 cm
Collar width approx. 36 cm approx. 39 cm
Collar length approx. 11 cm approx. 13 cm
Jabot length approx. 14 cm approx. 14 cm
Jabot width approx. 31 cm approx. 31 cm
Jabot neck circumference approx. 33,5 cm approx. 33,5 cm