Werewolf costume brown

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Werewolf costume brown

At full moon, you can spit at the houses in the werewolf costume for children

When you need time to shock really for Halloween, then the werewolf costume in brown is the right place for you.In the detailed costume you're masked beyond recognition and can enable your environment in terror.

The werewolf kids costume consists of a plaid shirt with fur at the neck, a werewolf mask with realistic-looking teeth and hairy werewolf paws.The shirt can be closed at the back with Velcro.The Wolf mask is also decorated on the back of the head with fur and has inside a rubber band, with which the mask is additionally fixed on the head.In keeping with the costume, there is also the large variation Werewolf Costume Brown with us.

  • Delivery: Werewolf mask, shirt, a pair of gloves, Danger: Hose not included.!
  • Mask material: PVC mask with fake fur trim
  • Material teeth: polyresin
  • Material costume: 75% polyester and 25% acrylic, 58% PVC gloves and 42% acrylic.
  • sizes: M, L
size M ca.127-145 L ca.147-160
Shoulder to shoulder approx. 38 cm approx. 46 cm
total length approx. 50 cm approx. 60 cm
waist width approx. 48 cm approx. 55 cm