Zombie Sheriff Child Costume Deluxe

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Zombie Sheriff Child Costume Deluxe

The undead arm of the law looks the sheriff Uniform forth

The arm of the law is to suddenly stuff furch exciting when you'll make as a zombie Sherrif for injustice and chaos.The bloodstained costume makes fear of the police and their undead representatives.In any Halloween party you will be arrested immediately as zombie Sheriff costume price.

The Zombie Sheriff Child Costume Deluxe consists of a jumpsuit, the shirt and pants together, a belt with a holster, a hat, a mask with a hood and a pair of zombie gloves.The Sherriff uniform jumpsuit shows a blood-stained khaki shirt with a sheriff star, the sleeves are torn in half, including a sleeve is of darker material up to the wrists.There, the gloves have the gray zombie hands.The mask shows a semi-decayed face, the rest of the head is covered by a black hood.The hat is made of soft material and also has the Sheriff Star forward.The belt has a holster, but gun and baton are not supplied.The Police Gun Astra 17cm and the Truncheon but we have at the moment as a couple Metal handcuffs ,

  • delivery : Uniform jumpsuit, mask with hood, hat, gloves, belts
  • color : Khaki
  • size : M, L
  • material : Overall 100% polyester, mask PVC and polyester, 100% polyurethane belt
dimensions M L
shoulder width approx. 35 cm approx. 40 cm
Arm length approx. 45 cm approx. 54 cm
leg length approx. 53 cm approx. 56 cm
total length approx. 110 cm approx. 120 cm