Skeleton T-Shirt Men

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Skeleton T-Shirt Men

No meat on the bones but damn good-looking

Vegans sometimes fight for their ideas with radical methods. This one not only refuses any animal products and meat, but also his own flesh. Life might not become any easier being a skeleton, but it certainly seems morally more correct. In this faux real Skeleton T-Shirt you can join this radical group of undead vegans.

The Skeleton T-Shirt for Men is a longlsleeve top with anatomically correct bone print in the front and back print. The photorealistic print on black background makes the skeleton look deceptively real. Also available are the Pimp t-shirt with rhinestones, the Doctor Feel Good T-Shirt and the Bondage Mens T-Shirt.

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
Measurements M L XL XXL
Shoulder width approx. 47,5 cm approx. 52 cm approx. 57 cm approx. 60 cm
Sleeve length approx. 67 cm approx. 68 cm approx. 70 cm approx. 73 cm
Total length approx. 72 cm approx. 75 cm approx. 81 cm approx. 82 cm