Vampire Jacket With Frill Cuffs

Item #: 19361

Vampire Jacket With Frill Cuffs

In the footsteps of the bloody Count!

It isn't wise to walk the streets alone at night...a young life might end in the blink of an eye. Sinister creatures from the realm of shadows come alive in the dark and they have murder on their mind...  A young lady turns into a dark alleyway and all of a sudden finds yourself standing face to face with one of the most attractive men she's ever seen. He has a noble, pale complexion and slightly blood-shot eyes and he wears a stylish jacket that seems to reflect the elegance of times long gone. Like under a spell she follows his silent call, surrendering to the dark magic of his eyes. When he drives his lethal fangs into her neck to make her part of his kingdom of shadows, she doesn't feel any pain.... If you want to turn yourself into an irresistible vampire lord and roam the centuries in search of young ladies and their lifeblood, this Vampire Jacket is the perfect outfit for you.

The black, gothic-style Vampir Jacket is amde of light imitation faux leather. The jacket looks worn down and weathered. It can be closed with decorative, brass-coloured buttons with skull detail. The collar and sleeves can be turned up. The sleeve hems feature a white. Renaissance-look frill trimming. A 37 cm long back walking slit with side pleats makes this jacket look slightly waisted without restricting the freedom of movement. This unique Vampire Jacket will turn you into a charming vampire lord no lady will be able to resist. Our Baroque white ruffled shirt and the Walking Stick with diamond Knauf are the perfect accessories to add the finishing touch to  your stylish vampire look.

Material: 100% polyester; costume inlcudes: Vampire Jacker; size: one size fits most adults
Measurements: front length approx. 86 cm, back length approx. 99 cm, shoulder length approx. 49 cm, waist approx. 47 cm

  • impressive, weatherd looking Vampire Jacke
  • great Count Dracula outfit for Halloween and theme parties or other spooky events
  • charming gothic style jacket
  • comfortable and light imitation faux leather