Smurf Adult Costume XL

Item #: 17467 XL

Smurf Adult Costume XL

Now there is otherwise little Smurfs finally in Plus Size!

With the original licensed Smurf Adult Costume XL you will even in no one of the Smurfs.The Smurf Adult Costume XL comes with all the parts necessary for a panel to Smurf.The XL-carnival costume consists of white trousers with the sweet blue Bommelschwänzchen, the matching blue top and the hallmark of the Smurfs, the white Smurf hat.

A super Smurf Adult Costume XL, whether at carnival or Halloween.With the original Smurf a licensed adult costume XL and the Papa Smurf costume . King of Thieves Child Costume and the Smurf Make Up and Nose Kit you have everything you need for a specially Schlumpfhausen.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: 54/65 XL ca.85 - 95kg