Halloween Costume Gr. S

Item #: 16105 S

Halloween Costume Gr. S

Classic Halloween Costume to be disguised as haunted

Dress up for Halloween and Gruselevents as a fabulous ghostly bride. Undead spirits actually do their work in every old building and frighten the new castle owners as well as Halloween party guests, who as intruders want to use the ballroom of the old estate as a partylocation.

The ghostly bridal costume in the Victorian style consists of the white dress with white trimmed lace cuffs, gray, tattered chiffon overcoat, a lace neckband and gray veil. With a primer Aqua Color White 30ml and the Gothic Make Up Stack Perfect your look as a Undead Ghost Bride

Scope of supply: 1 x Ghost Bride Costume

  • Colour: Gray / White
  • Size: S 34/36
  • Material: 100% polyester