Tweety Fairy Foil Balloon

Item #: 8802275

Tweety Fairy Foil Balloon

Disney Foil Balloon Tweety with fairies wings as a comic motif

Especially little girls love the yellow Tweety from the Disney cartoon movies.By Tweety Fairy foil balloon do you give a balloon that can be filled with helium or normal air.There is hardly a small comic book fan who will not be happy about the Tweety Fairy Foilienballon.Get ready to order now the original, licensed Tweety Fairy foil balloon and thus a surprise birthday child .

The colorful, printed Tweety Fairy foil balloon is inflated approx. 43 cm tall and can be filled with helium or air.If you befüllst the foil balloon with the sweet, yellow bird with helium floats this, as the cartoon character in the air.The metal foil balloon can be filled again and again.

Package included: 1 x Tweety Fairy Foil Balloon
  • Size: inflated about43 cm
  • Material: printed metal foil

Note: The foil balloon will be shipped unfilled and later still to be filled with air or helium.