Celtic Skull bronze

Item #: 20359

Celtic Skull bronze

Skull and Celtic patterns as decoration Skull

This Celtic skull must once have set within one of the Irish monks who have the Book Of Kells helped shape.It was the most elaborate Illumination product of its time, approximately 800 AD.This artist honor, which was probably arrested still strong in Druidic headhunter cult was adorned his skull with some of his most beautiful ornaments in bronze.

Lots of knot patterns, a Celtic cross, intricate depictions of animals, but also pre-Celtic spiral pattern can be found on this Bronze Skull.Links in the nose is also a nose ring attached.The rich decoration brings to mind a relic, the remains of a saint.In order not to have to stand around alone in his skull niche the dead Celts, should a Celtic devil skull , on Celtic Skull made of Polyresin and a Celtic Skull Head Clear form a perfect accompaniment.

  • material : Polyresin
  • height : Ca.11.5 cm
  • width : Ca.12 cm
  • length : Ca.17.5 cm