Elegant Walking Stick with Horned Skull

Item #: 21301

Elegant Walking Stick with Horned Skull

Walking sticks are very popular gothic and steampunk accessories

The dark scene has discovered walking sticks a long time ago. And on Halloween or Carnival a cane is the perfect accessory to make your costume look more authentic. Elegant walking sticks and canes are great for a night at the opera or at the theatre and for a Sunday walk around the park.

This cool gothic style walking stick is made light metal and features a rubber tip. But it is the handle that makes this cane a real eye-catcher. It is made of polyresin with lots of attention to detail. The handle is shaped like a horned skull with studs and a bone hand holding a ball. The handle and tip are also adorned with ornaments. The gothic walking stick is approx. 92 cm long. The handle is metal coloured. Have a look at more walking sticks and canes in our shop! E.g. check out the Skull Head Walking Stick Steampunk!

  • Material Handle: polyresin
  • Material stick: light metal
  • Length approx: 92 cm