Skeletal ceiling lamp with hanging skulls

Item #: 20348

Skeletal ceiling lamp with hanging skulls

Mystical hanging lamp with skeletal figures as a motif

The Austrian family Schwarzenberg bought in 1870 in Bohemia Sedlec, a suburb of Kutna Hora (Kutna Hora), an old church.Among them was an ossuary with the bones of 40th000 people.The family hired the woodcarver František Rint with the interior, which he constructed from the bones of the dead.Among other things, he created the family crest of Black Mountain, an eight-arm chandelier, garlands of skulls and humerus, even his own name as a signature.This served as an inspiration to our skeletal ceiling lamp.

The skeletal ceiling lamp is formed of polyresin.From the middle of five spinal run down at the end of the spine is ever a skull.The spine are connected to the ribs with each other so that they together form the lampshade.At the outer edge hanging on small chains Schädelchen and finger bones down.The skeletal ceiling lamp is suspended from a chain.The long cable is prepared for installation of a terminal block.The socket is in the size E 27thFor the nearly 3.5 kilo lamp a stable hook should be used in an anchor with at least 10 kilos carrying capacity.

  • material : Polyresin, metal
  • color : Beige
  • Dimensions : Diameter below about50 cm, height ca.30cm
  • version : E 27, 60 Watt