Steampunk Notebook "My Journal"

Item #: 19739

Steampunk Notebook "My Journal"

An absolutely extraordinary Victorian style jotter!

A nostalgic gem that looks like arelic of past times! This beautiful notebook offers plenty of room for your thoughts, notes and sketches. The perfect notebook, diary or guest book. Also makes an extravagant present!

Steampunk makes normally hidden things visible. Manometers, screws, rivets, gear wheels and tubes, all the technical details that modern design tries to hide, are at the centre of attention. The polyresin cover of this notebook looks like it was made of old copper with a bit of green rust. The notebook is designed with lots of attention to detail. It is hand painted, so every single one of these extraordinary books is a unique copy. The cover features small hinges at one side. The notebook contains 40 pages that match the antique look of the cover. The structured paper is a little thicker than normal paper and looks slightly yellowed - just what the pages of an old book would look like. This unqiue jotter is approx. 19,5 x 26,5 cm. Check out more extravagant accessories, such as the Victorian Skull Box and the Beer Glass Skeleton Hand in our shop.

Material: polyresin

Measurements: approx. 19,5 x 26,5 cm

Please note: These beautiful notebooks are hand painted. Every piece is a unique copy and may slightly differ from image!