Pantyhose Stars in black and white

Item #: 660082

Pantyhose Stars in black and white

Many small stars caress your legs and emphasize the Emo style!

The opaque tights star is the perfect accessory Emo, because stars are a popular symbol in the scene.A black tights are too boring for you - so you decide to prefer the version with white stars to be on every party to Emo sparkling star.

With the pantyhose star you transform your legs into a romantic night sky.The white star caress your skin and cause it to shine, so you're the star of the Emos.But not only at Emo's, even with goths and Fashion People stars are very popular.Thus, the nylon pantyhose particularly well comes into play and can make an impact, you're wearing high shoes as the best Mary Janes Pumps Black Size 40/42 and a simple Black Gothic Summer Minidress M .

Size: One Size

Material: 95% nylon and 5% elasthan