Skull Tights

Item #: 660087

Skull Tights

These nylons with sweet Skulls are a must for every skull fan!

The skull and crossbones tights gives your legs a dark touch and is perfect for gothic, emo and punk outfits.Skulls are now welcome in these scenes a favorite symbol, but also with Halloween fans and Fashion People.With the black nylon pantyhose you lie never wrong and your legs look next to Gothic miniskirts super bleak.

A simple dark tights you is too boring? You want fancy motif tights? Then this skull tights are just the thing for you, because on the black nylon are cute little skulls.The skulls are embroidered and therefore hold really well.Among the Inamagura Block Heel Brogues and a short mini skirt or hot pants comes the skull tights great to bear and is adjacent to the Skull and Bones Contact Lenses the perfect Gothic accessory.

Size: One Size

Material: 96% nylon and 4% elasthan