Shiny paint leggings

Item #: 660089
Ladies size
  • S / 36 
  • M / 38 
  • L / 40 
  • XL / 42 

Shiny paint leggings

Erotic gloss for your legs with the paint leggings Phaze!

The Fetish Leggings is an ultra modern trousers and not only in the fetish and gothic scene very popular, but is the next big thing in various casual and designer finishes.

The glossy lacquer leggings is an ultramodern Lackhose that your figure perfectly hugs and bring your legs a highly erotic look.Paint Leggings Wet Look Design will delight in the fashion world becoming increasingly popular and are therefore indispensable in casual and high-class fashion.But the fetish and gothic scene swears still on the shiny paint leggings because it gives any outfit an unusual and extravagant touch.The Fetish Leggings is equipped with an elastic waistband and thus rests comfortably on the hips.

The glossy Lackleggins can be ideally with a wide shirt or sweater anchor kombieren and giving it a cool, personalized touch.In addition, adjust the Inamagura Vinyl Platform Boots perfectly to the PCV leggings.