Necklace with Pendant cleaver

Item #: GO 1581

Necklace with Pendant cleaver

Shocker chain for all horror lovers!

The necklace is made of red beads and has a bloody cleaver as a pendant.On the cleaver itself is not only blood, but can still be seen the blood spatter that stick of a DONE plant previously still hatchet.A really eerie look magnet is this necklace with pendant and therefore the optimal accessory for all your spooky events.

The chain itself is approx. 47 cm long and as particularly worth mentioning is that it is size adjustable and can thus be individually adapted to any neck size.The trailer is the bloody cleaver, which is aboutIs 7 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.The sight of these 'horror moderate' necklace shocking and rocking at the same time and is an absolute must-have to your Horror and Halloween events.In line with our Necklace with Pendant we recommend using our Rhinestone Brooch cleaver and a Bloody Knife In The Head still puts quite a shocker on top.

Chain Length: approx47 cm
Pendant height: ca7 x 2.5 cm