Retro Horror Bag

Item #: 660344

Retro Horror Bag

Black cloth bag with cool horror film imprint!

Retro bag is worn by the Design an absolute must have and can be combined perfectly with punk and gothic outfits.This handbag is characterized not only for Halloween a real looker and is also ideal for use as a cool school bag.

Retro bag with Horror Movie print is black and impresses with the huge storage space, thus woman can store all utensils easily.The carrier of the black handbag are ca.3.5 cm wide and about58 cm long, so they can be worn comfortably.In addition to the Gothic handbag to see even more great women's bags, such as the Rockabilly Lacktasche or the trendy Rockabilly style the Sailor handbag patent ,

material cotton
color black red
Width ca. 36 cm
Ca. 33 cm
Depth ca. 7 cm
Length of the carrier about 58 cm
Width of the carrier about 3,5 cm