Rockabilly Cherries Patch

Item #: GO 1532

Rockabilly Cherries Patch

Cool Cherry Skull Sticker for an extraordinary rock n roll outfit!

The skull sticker in cherry design are typical rockabilly motifs and give each outfit in a jiffy a funny look.The Cherry Patches are ideal for any Gothic, Pinup or Emo and miss your clothes and bags the finishing touches.

The cherry embroidered patch is approx. 5 cm x 8 cm in size and easy to attach by ironing or sewing onto your clothes.Quick as a flash any knitting or Zip Jacket is the cheeky rockabilly cherries decorated and embellished.The Cherry patches are simply glued by the well-adhesive backing and can be sewn on the safety still on very few.The skull patch embody the typical Oldschool Rockabilly motives and are thus in the Rock n Roll and Pinup scene a popular accessory.

The Rockabilly Cherries can perfectly with the Ladies hooded jacket in Rockabilly Style or Short jacket with laces combine and are perfectly styled for any 50s event.

Size: 5cm x 8cm