Steampunk Ear Studs

Item #: 660028

Steampunk Ear Studs

Extravagant earrings for steampunk fans by Poizen Industries!

These metal Steampunk Ear Studs are made of three cog wheels each. These cool earrings are the perfect accessory for your steampunk outfit. Details of anachronistic technology are all the range these days, so these futuristic ear studs are a perfect eye-catcher for steampunk events.

With theseSteampunk Ear Studs and the Steampunk Necklace Clockwork you can add the finishing touch to your steampunk style outfit. Match these cool earrings with our extraordinary Steampunk Contact Lenses Black White as steampunk incorporates elements of retro technology and details from the Victorian era, such as rusty cogs. These Steampunk Ear Studs come as a pair and are guaranteed to pep up your ears with 3 old gear wheels per stud. Steampunk at its best!

 Set contains: 2 ear studs (approx. 2 cm each)

Material: metal, lead free and nickel free