Girlie Shirt Bird Brain S

Item #: GO 1792 S

Girlie Shirt Bird Brain S

The Girlie Shirt Bird Brain S is from the fashionable English brand Cupcake Cult and makes you a trendsetter, because the iconic horror Shirts are becoming increasingly popular with us.The gruesome Shirt is slightly fitted and made of soft cotton, both of which are ideal carrying comfort.The large front print shows a Horror scenario like Hitchcock's The Birds because a cute blue deer is by a swarm bloodthirsty birds the brain picked out what is on the back print in a delicious Brain Muffin changes.For this Cupcake Cult Shirt Feel super 80s fingerless fishnet gloves and a sexy Miniskirt tulle black with loops SM and carry on the next Horror Party cause a stir or just shock the grandma.

Size: S, corresponds to Gr.34

Material: 100% Cotton