Skeleton Hoodie with skull mask

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Ladies size
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  • M / 38 
  • L / 40 

Skeleton Hoodie with skull mask

Black hooded jacket with bones and skull print hood!

This skeleton hoodie is also printed as a simple Gothic hooded jacket with printed bones, because this is the hood hoodies with bones.This skull print makes it look like you're wearing skull mask, a full head, because the zipper is closed up to the top.The ladies hoodie is suitable as a Halloween clothes that have skeleton costume or just as Gothic and Emo everyday dud, because cool hooded jackets you can finally never enough in the closet!

With our skeleton hoodie you have several great pieces of clothing in one.On the one hand you have a black hooded jacket with cool skeleton print, and on the other a cap with skull.The hoodie is provided at the front with a zipper that runs up over the head and thus the "skull mask" includes.At the zip there is also a sweet little skull with red rhinestones for eyes.The jacket is printed on the front and on the sleeves like a human skeleton, face to skull bones as well as find holes for your eyes and at the back is an arm upward, ending at the back of the head with long bony fingers.The sleeves of the skeleton hoodie are very long and each have a thumb hole.Keeping with this hooded jacket there are our Metallic Leggings and the Skull Ring Stainless Steel Which to perfect your skeleton outfit.

Information about the skeleton hoodie:

- Black Hooded Jacket
- White bone print
- Skull mask with holes for the eyes
- Zip closure with Skull Pendant
- Long sleeves with thumb holes
- Small pocket on the inside of the neck, about9 x 7 cm
- Material: 95% cotton and 5% elastane