Victorian lace blouse

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Victorian lace blouse

Magnificent ruffled blouse in Lolita style.

The princely Gothic Victorian style blouse is a white ladies blouse with long sleeves and a pompous style of white lace and ruffles, which is a popular clothing item in Lolita or Gothic scene.

The lace blouse is a form-fitting long-sleeved top, which expires at the sleeve ends in flared sleeves and the hem is finished by multi-layered ruffled lace and sassy ruffles.As sassy highlight are still attached two satin bows and miss the whole a sweet girl look.At the placket the lace blouse is ebendfalls decorated with the various tips and ruffled layers and gives the whole a medieval appearance in the Victorian style.The lower hem of the lace blouse is finished with pretty gathered ruffles.

The flamboyant ladies top is a special outfit for magnificent and special occasions.Matching you can to Towing skirt of brocade and the Poncho made of black coat with hood combine, so you're perfectly styled for elegant Gothic events.