Fingernails silver

Item #: 8800669

Fingernails silver

Let the hands shine like a diva

A noble lady in Abenkleid and elegant with beautiful hair need the right styled hands that send the appearance lady lift enormous.There are Accessories for every conceivable body part, but fingernails immediately catch the eye and give the impression of starlets.

The silver nails are first fitted to his own nails and have to cope are cut, then the adhesive pads are taken together with the protective film from the backing and glued to the plastic nails.Peel off the protective paper and press the artificial fingernails firmly, after a few seconds they will keep.For every nail there is a replacement piece.Together with the Marilyn Dress Plus Size and the Feather Boa White Black Deluxe you've got a great outfit idea.

Scope of delivery: Fingernails 20 pcs, Adhesive pads 20 pcs
Material: Plastic
Color: Silver.