Lipstick and Nail Polish Zombie Grey

Item #: 19969

Lipstick and Nail Polish Zombie Grey

Even zombies want to look good!

Halloween is getting closer and the party invitations have long been sent. Now it is high time to choose a costume and to get all the necessary stuff to make it look perfect. The right accessories are essential to add the finishing touch to any outfit!

With our grey lipstick and nail polish you can make your zombie look complete! For an eye-catching costume, you need more than just a costume and matching makeup, even your nails have to look like a zombie's. And grey is just THE characteristic colour of half rotten, undead creatures! The makeup set includes grey lipstick and matching nail varnish that will look just great with your costume. Naturally you can wear  this nail polish and lipstick not only with a zombie outfit. The colour gray works perfectly well with lots of other Halloween costumes, too.
If you need more than just one colour of lipstick etc., just add our Red Lipstick and the Black nail polish and lipstick to your order!

Information on the Lipstick and Nail Polish Zombie Grey:

  • Set includes: lipstick and nail polish
  • Colour: grey